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Don’t waste money on Google and Facebook ads until you have this framework to sell your product(s) fast.

First, I need you to understand that, there’s nothing like “market saturation,” but rather “market sophistication” and “product saturation” or “offer saturation.”

Every now and then, I will be doing product recommendations and landing page breakdowns in my community just to inspire members, give them ideas of what is possible, and turn on their eCommerce spinning gears.

And this morning I want to share a few things with you, and I am going to use the posture corrector as an example today.

Yes, the posture corrector is still a great product to sell and if you sell it right, you’d end up with multiple $$

You just have to do certain things differently like;
β­• Your market
β­• Your marketing angle
β­• Your offer
β­• Your ad platform

Note: Stop selling to everyone.
I hope you get it?
If you don’t, go read 10X Ecommerce Secrets. I talked about those extensively in the book.

Alright, the first thing you need to do once you have a product idea is research

Product validation

1. is it a problem-solving product?
2. Is there a large market for it?
3. Not a commodity?
4. Does it have a ‘wow’ factor?
5. Is there anyone running ads for it?
6. Can you sell the product for at least 200% profit?


1. Check who is selling the same product
2. Are they spending on ads?
3. What’s the engagement rate?
4. What are people saying about them?
5. Check Amazon reviews

You also want to use google trends to check what is happening with interests

Market To Sell To

1. People struggling with back pain
2. Women interested in makeup and insecure about their posture
3. Gym lovers who struggle with poor posture as a result of weight lifting.

4. People who engage in physical work e.g nurses, engineers, architects
5. Office jobs: People who spend lots of hours sitting with computers e.g bankers, programmers, designers
6. Game lovers

Marketing Angles

1. Insecurity – Play To Their Insecurities About Their Posture & How It Affects Them
2. Self-Esteem – Sell Them Confidence In Their Own Skin With Great Posture Through The Product.

3. Pain – Play On The Pain Of Possible Surgery When They’re Older From Long-Term Poor Posture & Offer A Painless Solution
4. Affordability – Compare The Affordability Of The Posture Corrector To An Expensive Surgery Or Many Chiropractor Visits.

5. Fear – Play On The Possibilities Of There Being Complications With Surgery When They’re Older
6. Attractiveness – Sell The Idea Of How Attractive They’ll Be To Others As They Stand Proud With Great Posture

Make Offers

(use emotional offers, functional offers and FOMO)

β­• Home delivery nationwide

β­• Money-back guarantee

β­• Add value e.g order today and get a free posture exercise ebook worth bla bla

β­• Make sure you state what they stand to get from this ebook, video, etc.


I’m stopping here today and I hope you learned something. And if you’re serious with growing an ecommerce business, I strongly advise you join my masterclass



Disclaimer: I am not saying you’d make money selling this product. Rather, I’m trying to show you a framework when trying to sell any product.

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