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How Game 3X Their Sales And Reduced Acquisition cost in 2022

Game is Africa’s third-largest distributor of consumer goods with 136 stores across 12 countries.

And in 2022, they used a simple strategy to 3X their sales while reducing acquisition cost

But how?

Stay with me here

At a point, Game was faced with the challenge of communicating their unique selling point of “beating any price, so you get more with every shop” across a complex business.

What this means is that, if you shop from Game (online or offline) and you find the same product cheaper elsewhere within 21 days they are going to refund you plus 10% of the difference.

Now, that’s some badass offer… It only takes massive balls to do that.


Let’s get back to the story.

Now, for Game to achieve its goal, they needed help so they partnered with iLead et al, their agency partner, who suggested a test-and-learn approach with a strong category in South Africa.

And the use of Performance Max to deliver the automation required to drive the needed efficiency.

Here’s what they did;

The team used first-party data to find the most relevant shoppers for their category and optimised their Performance Max campaign on Google for their goals.

The results were better than expected, with a nearly 3X increase in conversions compared to the same period in 2021, running on Shopping campaigns, and an almost 91% increase in conversion value.

What this means is that they segmented their shoppers so they can know what product to sell to them based on their browsing/shopping interest


Automation effectively fills consumer information gaps, analyses data, and adapts campaigns in real time and at scale.

And you’d agree this was a great feat for Game but let’s look into the practical steps and outline how you can replicate this success.

Define Your USP

Before diving into automation, it’s crucial to have a clear and compelling Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Game’s USP centered on beating any price and offering a refund plus 10% of the difference within 21 days if a customer found the same product cheaper elsewhere.

You must identify your unique value proposition to build an effective marketing strategy.

Everything you do will revolve around this.

Align Your USP with Customer Needs

A successful USP resonates with customer needs.

Game’s offer addressed the universal desire for cost savings.

Which is a fundamental want of humans;

⭕ People want to save money

⭕ People want to make money

⭕ People want to save time

⭕ People want to feel safe

⭕ People want to feel comfortable


I hope you  get the point?

So, you must identify what your target audience values most and align your USP accordingly.

Selecting the Right Agency Partner

Choosing a capable partner is a critical first step. Game partnered with iLead, a decision based on their expertise in digital marketing and proven track record.

As a business owner, you likely won’t have the time for growth marketing and will need a partner and in your search for one, assess potential partners based on their understanding of your industry, past successes, and ability to align with your brand vision.

You can work with us at Lazycom where I am the lead growth marketing strategist.

Identify a Strong Test Category

Game and iLead opted for a test-and-learn approach focusing on a robust category in South Africa.

I have seen shops having more than is neccessary on their catalogue.

Test and remove whatever isn’t adding to 80% of your revenue.

You should make it a priority to analyze your product categories and select one that aligns with your overall business goals and has potential for significant impact.

You don’t want to spend 80% of your time and resources on categories that only bring in 20% of your revenue.

Yes, the pareto principle also applies in business and marketing.

Customer Segmentation

All customers are not thesame. So why should you treate them thesame way?

Game’s success hinged on segmenting shoppers based on their browsing and shopping behaviors.

Implement a robust segmentation strategy by categorizing customers into distinct groups with shared characteristics.

e.g Shops beverages 3X more


Once you have segmented, you want to tailor marketing messages and product recommendations based on customer segments.

Leverage personalization to enhance the customer experience and drive engagement.

This could involve personalized email campaigns, targeted promotions, and dynamic website content.

Data Analysis

Whatever you don't measure you can't improve.

For this reason, you must have tools in place to regularly analyze campaign performance using both quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Assess the impact on conversions, conversion value, and customer satisfaction.

You can use tools like Google Analytics to gain insights into user behavior.

And based on data analysis, iterate and refine your strategies.

This could involve tweaking ad creatives, adjusting bidding strategies, or refining segmentation criteria.


Once success is established in the test category, consider scaling the approach to other product categories.

Adapt and apply the lessons learned to diversify and maximize the impact across your product range.

Another move you should make is exploring opportunities for geographic expansion.

If the initial success was localized, assess the feasibility of replicating the strategy in other regions, keeping in mind regional preferences and market nuances.

Key Take Aways

Game’s remarkable journey from a retail giant to a sales powerhouse offers a blueprint for retailers aiming to thrive in a competitive landscape.

By defining a compelling USP, forming strategic partnerships, and embracing marketing automation, retailers can unlock new levels of success.

The key lies in a continuous commitment to testing, learning, and adapting strategies based on data-driven insights.

This is the game we all play and as the retail landscape evolves, those who embrace innovation and strategic partnerships will undoubtedly position themselves for sustained growth and success.


I hope you found this useful?


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