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11 Ingredients of a Successful Ecom Product

Ecommerce is a great business model. But picking the right product to sell is a BIG key to success.

For most beginners, this can be a hassle, and they end up with products they just can’t sell.

So, what I have done is include in this email the checklist I go through when choosing products to sell.

I believe this should help you if you’re just starting out.

Does it solve a pain or meet a need in a large passionate group who are willing to spend money?

I believe this is self explanatory?

A pain isn’t when someone hit their foot on a wall.

I mean, if someone has a kidney issues and are about losing their lives, they will do anything to reverse it.

If a woman have acne covering their face and she just can’t be herself when around others, its a pain

If someone can’t laugh and smile in public because of mouth odor and brown teeth, that’s a pain.

Example of a large passionate group: Gamers

Is it large?

The last thing you want to do is try importing a product that is large as a beginner.

You will be slammed with hefty shipping bills.

And of course space to keep the goods.

I remember selling a particular product called revoflex some many years ago.

Just 10pcs of the product covered a large part of my room then.

Was it selling?

Yes, but I was spending so much to import it and then it taking space in my apartment.

If you’re dropshipping, then this might not be a thing to worry about.

So this is something to keep in mind

Is it seasonal or trendy?

I have sold some trendy and seasonal products in the past and they are what they are.

seasonal and trendy.

Once the season is out or the euphoria is gone, the product stops selling.


So, as I started looking towards building long-term sustainable brands, I stopped focusing my energy on selling trendy and seasonal products.

And I started focusing on evergreen products.

So, you want to decide what you want,

Build a long term business or just hit and run?


Tip: when you have an evergreen brand, you can always find trendy or seasonal product to sell to that market for quick cash injection into your brand

Here’s an example of an evergreen market (see the chart below)

Can you sell it for 3x-6x the landing cost?

The ecommerce marketplace in Nigeria is very unique. There are lots of costs you have to factor in aside product cost.

⭕ Advertising cost

⭕ Delivery cost.

⭕ Extra packaging cost (not always)

⭕ Operational cost

So you want to sell products that can absorb your costs and you’d still be left with profit.

Because we all go into business for profit even NGOs

Yes, even those saying they are non-profit.

Can you easily create marketing videos for it?

You don’t want to get involved with a product you have no knowledge of or is difficult to explain how it works.

Can you upsell the buyers?

Many beginners fall into the trap of just importing random products and then expend their energy on promoting them with different funnels and pages.


What I do and what I have seen other 9fig ecommerce brands do is having a chain of products they can sell to thesame audience.


You see a brand selling bedsheets but they have other products like pillow cases, pillows, sleeping candles, etc.

All products are related and can be sold to thesame audience.

I hope you get the point?

Are there lots of variations?

I don’t like selling products with lots of variations. 10 colors and 10 different sizes.

Too many variations to deal with.

This is why I stay away from things like clothing and shoes

Does this mean its not profitable?

Absolutely not!

I just believe as a beginner, this is not the types of products to start with.

because you’d have to get different variations of the product to meet demand of the market.

And that’s capital intensive.

Are people already talking about it?

I mean, is there an existing demand for the solution?

You don’t want to start selling products that no one care about.

So, you want to see if others are already providing similar solutions and what are people saying?

What are the reviews?

It is easier to channel/fulfill demand that creating it.

Is it fragile?

I think this is self explanatory.?

But incase its not, don’t try to import goods that can easily be broken or damaged.

Is it prohibited?

Well, if you live in Nigeria, learn to go through the list of prohibited items before starting.

So you don’t end up spending money on a product that gets ceased by the customs.

Live outside Nigeria, check for the prohibited list of items and licenses needed in your region.

How large is the market?

This is important depending on how much you want to make.

You don’t want to go into selling solutions to a hand-full of people.

The larger the group of people you serve, the more you can make.

So you want to always do your research before dipping both your feet in.

There are lots of tools to use for this; Google keyword planner, Google trends, Helium 10, AMZ scout.

You can even use Gimpse where you can search by categories

One more thing

One last thing I want to leave you with is that, these are not cast in stone. Every product might not check each point here but always keep in mind the consequences.

The pros and cons.
This helps you get prepared for whatever is coming.

Okay, that’s it for today

And I hope you got something today?

If ecommerce is something you want to take seriously, I highly recommend you join the masterclass​ when you can.

Until next week.


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