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Retail Price: ₦‎49,999

Today Price: ₦‎15,000

Get ₦‎35,000 off Today When You Use Coupon Code “sales001” without the quotes

Here’s What You Get Today

The Right Message Formula: One thing you always want to get right is the message you place in front of your potential customers.

Imagine what it would mean for your campaigns if you can have the right message in front of the right audience…picture the instant trust and credibility you’ll be able to create and then the after effect on your sales?

Yes, that’s what I will help you do by sharing with you a simple formula you can use today to craft the right message for your audience. Value: N15000

The BIG IDEA Formula: In a crowded market place where everyone out there is singing the same chorus, how do you stand out so you can get noticed by your market? That’s right!

The BIG IDEA…This is how you will be able to differentiate yourself from the competition and have the market choose you over them.

And I will be handing you a simple formula you can use to come up with your own BIG IDEA. Value: N25,000

A Simple Framework To Create Offers that sell themselves: Many people think an offer is about telling your potential customer to “buy 2 and get 1 free” or creating urgency is by having “9 left in stock” or having count-down timers on your pages.

Sorry to disappoint you but creating an irresistible offer is more than that. And I will be taking you through the dynamics of creating a truly irresistible offer that sells itself without the hype. This is so important, I had to break it into 2 different training videos. Value: N350,000

Retargeting Templates (sms, emails and ad copy): After 5 years of consistently running Facebook ads and writing emails, I have been able to develop a template from which I write all my retargeting campaigns without having to write from scratch. And I Want to hand it over to you…

That’s my 4 years of experience of testing and knowing what works. Today, you’re having it on a platter of gold Value: N20,500

The Cocktail Follow-up Sequence : How do you write emails that break the resistance preventing your potential customers from taking action and take them from the point of “I will get back to you” to “where do I send money to” That’s what you’d learn how to do from this training. Value: N25,000

Total Value: ₦‎435,500

Retail Price: ₦‎49,999

Today Price: ₦‎15,000

Get ₦‎45,000 off Today When You Use Coupon Code “10xlazycom” without the quotes

Fast Action Bonuses

The Economics Of Retention: What the M.O.R.E sales system will do for you is help you acquire more customers than your competitors BUT What happens after that?

How do you get your previous customers to refer your products to others and always come back for more?

This training will show you exactly what you need to do. There are basically 5 things you must do if you want your customers to keep coming back for more and I reveal them to you inside this training.

The BSM Approach To Scale Any Campaign: How do you scale a campaign already doing well?

How do you go from $5 daily Spend to $50 and then $100 and then $1000? Do this wrong and you’d end up wasting your money on Facebook ads Using The BSM approach is how I was able to help a client go from 300k Week To 300K Day

HB ADS And Offer Genie:
This course is not sold anywhere on the internet. It’s an exclusive course I give to my coaching clients who pay me a minimum of N350,000.

But it can be yours today if you take action before the timer hits zero on this page

Inside this course, you will also discover how to set up highly profitable campaigns, guaranteed to increase your sales daily.

Below are some of the strategies inside this course that will help you achieve that.

1. The Ideal Market map :

This will help you position your business so you can have a better share of the market than your competitors

2. Creating an Empathy Map :

How do you get someone to even take action when you don’t fully know who they are?

This section will help you have a micro view of your ideal customer. If you can get this right, finding the right target interest on Facebook will be a breeze for you.

3. The Mirror Offer :

This will help you crawl into your customers’ subconscious and dig out that one thing that they desperately want to solve.

Creating an offer that mirrors your customers’ needs/wants/desires is powerful when you know how to do it.

You will easily be able to break down every resistance that might prevent them from buying

Having the right message in front of the right audience is not enough.

You need to have an offer that mirrors exactly what they want in a way that they just can’t wait but pull out their wallets to give you their money.

Because they will see your product as the only thing that can actually solve their pain/problem.

Armed with these building blocks, a newbie student hit his first 1M in less than 20 days.

If I were to sell this separately, it will sell for not less than N50,000

But you get it today for FREE

4. The 11.8 Million Sales System Breakdown : (40 SLOTS LEFT)

This is for the first 50 people who take advantage of this. I will send you private access to the video I made breaking down the entire sales system I used in selling the product that generated over 11.8m in 120 days.


You will see the ads, images, sales funnel, how I structured the messaging , the offer, pricing structure, etc.


Here’s the thing, this space isn’t enough to contain what you’d find inside this pack. But one thing is certain, it’s worth 10X the fee that you get to pay for this entire package

And like I said, this is a one time offer.

So, I will put it to you this way, If this training is able to add just one “0” to what you currently do in your ecommerce business, do you think it will be worth investing just N500,000 on your business today?

But you’re not even going to pay that but investing just 10% of that in your business and yourself .

Take a moment to think about that and then decide for yourself and while you do so, remember what happens next in your business is highly dependent on the choices you make today.


Total Value: ₦‎835,500

Retail Price: ₦‎49,999

Today Price: ₦‎15,000

Get ₦‎35,000 off Today When You Use Coupon Code “sales001” without the quotes

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