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This Book Reveals How We Generate 50-100 Daily Orders With Ease, Even Without a Massive Social Media Following or Gimmicky Videos

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Here's What You Will Discover Inside Your Sales Conversion Machine Book

Maximize your conversion rates with 3 simple yet effective tools to fix any leakages in your sales funnel to ensure maximum conversion, squeeze more money out of every customer you get and watch your profits soar!

Trust Breeding: How to get strangers who reach out to you with questions about what you’re selling to lower their guard so they trust you enough to buy from you (I will show you how to build trust with anyone in as little as 5 mins)

Order Stacking: 3 different ways to double, triple, or quadruple how much you make from every product you sell without increasing your traffic!

How to stop your prospects from raising objections when they contact you, and even if they do, exactly what to say to totally shatter any objection they could ever come up with.

How to take control of your website traffic and maximize your success with decisions that drive more conversions and website engagement.

How to get the most out of your marketing efforts with 3 advanced marketing strategies to unlock endless possibilities for your ecommerce brand

Unlock success in your sales funnel by crafting a conversion-focused strategy. Ensure each stage of your customer journey is designed and structured to maximize conversions and maximize the potential of your business.

What the world’s top 0.1% e-commerce marketers know about the “Lightbulb Disrupt Concept” that you don’t and how they use it to sell their products/offers massively in any oversaturated market (Check out page 55)

Take your business to the next level with data-driven insights that allow you to identify trends and patterns to target, so you can make the changes necessary to optimize your success and skyrocket your conversions.

Boost your business’s credibility and make it easier to convert potential customers into paying customers by leveraging this behaviourial bias of your customers so they can feel secure making purchases from you.

How to “eavesdrop” on the conversation already going on in your prospect’s mind . . .and how to hijack that conversation to practically force them to follow your commands.

The biggest reason why your ads and sales letters are not performing and one simple switch you can make to correct it (and it takes less than 5 mins)

How to stop ad waste – over 50% of your ad budget is being thrown away. You will learn how to stop that finally.


How to Design, Produce and launch a Product Funnel that turns strangers into buyers in as little as 2-7 Days.


The law of reverse effect…The one hormone you must trigger in your prospect’s brain to build tremendous curiosity in your prospect so that they hang on to your every word like a starving monkey after a banana.

You think more sales is key to getting more profits? WRONG!

Discover the biggest factor in increasing the profit your business generates monthly with speed… even if your sales stay the same (Page 60)

The weird map that gets you inside your customer’s head every time you sell them something.

I’ve used this to make MILLIONS off the internet… Fun part? I didn’t have to spend time or money on ads, plus I didn’t need a marketing compass to navigate it (See page 46)

4 never-mentioned fundamental boxes you need to tick if you MUST continue to squeeze out cash from your customers’ bank accounts

(You can find these essential boxes on page 6)

The 5 Holy Grails of e-commerce marketing that keep your customers in a queue, waiting and begging you to take their money…

Rake in 10X more sales than every strategy you’ve ever tried…

And they do NOT involve finding a hot product, changing your sales message or any of the “internet marketing” tricks you’ve heard of (See page 13)

Unlock the secrets to business success and discover the hidden potential of your ecommerce business by understanding the economics behind your business profits so you can make informed decisions, maximize your profits, and achieve your business goals.


Why you should NEVER trigger this dangerous hormone called “the devil’s cocktail” in your customer’s head – at least if you want to avoid wasting all your money on ads and marketing

One master tweak that turns your ads and sales letters from Zero conversions to Loads of Cash in the bank-Use this anytime your ads and sales letters are not converting

From The Desk of Jonathan Melody

Jonathan is a certified growth marketer who’s super passionate about helping ecommerce merchants grow their health & beauty brands, and got some big news –

His Health brand just hit a huge milestone: They tripled their total revenue for 2021 in 2022 and 60% of it was from Leveraging the power of A.I and unique marketing strategies


(Jonathan has come a long way since starting his first online store back in 2012!)

And to share this success with friends in the ecommerce marketing community,

He has put together a 120page PDF that will show you how to unleash the full potential of your ecommerce business to boost your sales and get more return customers…

…By building a simple but highly effective sales machine to accelerate your business growth even if you don’t have a large following or an introvert.

And today, he’s sharing it all with you for FREE.

Jonathan is the author of the bestselling book “10XEcommerce Secrets” and the founder of a community of ecommerce experts “10X Ecom Club”

He’s also the co-founder of Lazycom, a software company leverages A.I to help non-technical ecommerce business owners market, sell, track, and scale their business online.

Your Spot Will Expire IN:


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